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Welcome to Runerich.There are some Runescape tips of construction .if you are interested in it .just look through.Hopefully the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it. Construction is one of the most costly skills to train. Find a money-making way that's best for you, and most importantly, stick to it! If you find the right money-making method for you, it should be easier for you to make some quick money.

A method that always works for me is teletabs. Not only do you make a decent amount of money, but you also get a little bit of magic EXP, which eventually adds up and can really help get your magic level up.


Teletabs are a pretty decent source of runescape gold. House tabs are one of the best tabs to make. Here is what you need to make each teletab:

House tab level requirements: 40 magic

Have a house located in Rimmington

~1 soft clay

~1 law rune

~1 air rune (I suggest wielding an air staff)

~1 earth rune

Buy each of these materials at medium or low price from the Grand Exchange. I suggest making at least 1,000 of these at once. However, it really depends how much you could afford. Just multiply the number of tabs you're making by the number of supplies you need for one to find out how many supplies you need.

In addition, bring teleporting runes to teleport from the bank to the POH's.

Extra supplies needed: Teleports (I suggest Falador teleports). Bring enough runes for about 100 teleports to both your house and Falador. (there are some extra, just incase you teleport to the wrong place often. )

Method: Having your air staff wielded, bring all of your runes (laws, earths, waters) with you, and 25 un-noted soft clay.

Next, teleport you your POH in Rimmington. It is a good idea to be in a house party world at this time.

Look for a player who has a higher construction level. If they allow others into their POH, then go into their house and look for a gilded lectern, as these lecterns are the only ones that could make house tabs.

Once you find a gilded lectern, click on it. You will see a house icon. Click on that, and you have just made a tab!

Teletabs (continued)

So, you have just made one house tab. Repeat the process until all of your soft clay in your inventory is used up.

Once you have no more soft clay in your inventory, teleport to Falador. Run to the west bank, deposit your tabs, take out 25 more soft clay, and then teleport back to your POH in Rimmington. Repeat this process, and you'll be making a lot of money!

House teletabs give 30 EXP each. If you make 1k of them, that's 30k magic experience right there. Not bad for a money-making method, eh?

Try selling these tabs on the Grand Exchange for market price. If that offer doesn't work for about one day, then you may want to consider changing it to lowest price. You'd still be making some profit.

Another method of doing this is to make a gilded lectern in your POH (level 67 construction). Bring all of your runes and note all of your soft clay, and bring that with you too. Also, bring some money to pay your butler.

The same principle applies here as the planks; use the soft clay on your butler when you need some more un-noted. Your butler will get them for you, and repeat the process. You will need probably 1 teleport to your house for the beginning, and one teleport for when you're done making tabs.

To some, this way tends to be a faster method of making tabs.

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