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The Fastest Way for a Non-member to condition their pure so they can hit the wildy in no time. I know there are a lot of Runescape fans out there. I know you guys all like to pk and win some cash. Who doesn't? So here is the best and fastest way to train a non-member pure in a matter of days or weeks depending on how much time and effort you put into it. Alright, enough talk, let's get started.

What is a pure?A pure is usually a character made to just pking and win cash, to put it in simplest terms. There are many different kinds of pures. Hybrids, rune, range, mage, strength, etc. What they have in common is that their defence is 1 or less than 5 to have a lower combat level.

What to weild for training melee as a pureAt level three it's pretty simple for what to wield as armor and weapon. You can only wield bronze and iron. Try getting iron because it provides better protection that bronze. As your attack level increase change the weapon you're using for a better one.

Attack Levels for different types of weapon

1-5: Iron
5-10: Steel
10-20: Black
20-30: Mithril
30-40: Adamant40+: Rune

Armor for pures:Most people would go with iron full until they have 40 range when they switch their iron platelegs and equip green d'hide chaps and vambraces. The best armor in my opinion is iron full helm, iron platebody, iron kiteshield, green d'hide chaps and vambraces.

Where to train a pure for melee.Here is a list of where to train melee stats according to levels:
Levels 1-10: Chickens at Lumbridge
Levels 10-20: Cows at Lumbridge
Levels 20-30: Men at the shack in Edgeville (Directly North of the Edgeville bank)
Levels 30-40: Monks at the Monastery
Levels 40-50: Scorpians or Hill Giants (You'll need food if you choose Hill Giants)Levels 50-70: Flesh Crawlers in the Barbarian Stronghold second level. There are a bunch of them towards the back from the entrance place.

Where to train for range?Training range is almost like training melee for a pure, but you don't have to worry about getting killed because you are usually in a safe area. Here's a list on which monsters you should train on:

Levels 1-10: Chickens at Lumbridge
Levels 10-20: Cows at Lumbridge
Levels 20-30: Minotaurs Level 12 (Barbarian Stronghold first level)
Levels 30-40: Minotaurs Level 27
Level 40-55: Hill GiantsLevel 55-70: Lesser demons

What to wear for training rangeJust to make my life easier, if you want to know what items you should wear while training range just watch the youtube video above this paragraph.

Where to train mage The fastest and best way to train mage without leveling your combat level that high is using curse, weaken or confuse on the lumbridge dummies. It will not only increase your magic level, but you won't receive any hitpoint experience points. I got my mage from lvl 3 all the way to 33 in like an hour. All you need is some cash to buy the runes and do some extreme clicking.

The question about prayerYes prayer is very important in pking but is it important for pures? In my opinion, pures shouldn't train pray until they have combat stats that are greater than 70 because if you train prayer at an early level it will add a lot more combat levels than if you have high level stats.

A word or two in gerneral
Nowdays many people have pures in order to gain fast runescape money. I, myself, think that pking is the most fun way in getting money, but it's risk. So if you want to pk, make sure you have a lot of money because pking is very expensive. If you do die, find a way to get your stuff back. A few ways to get money is first get a weapon or borrow one. Kill hill giants and collect the loot, including the bones. Then go to the Grand Exchange and sell it. A whole inventory could be about 13k if you get some decent drops. This requires no runescape gold making skill, just combat.

I hope this article was helpful in some way and thank you for your time. Good luck on your pking!

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