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Runescape combat weapons are one of the highest items in demand and almost every runescape player has one combat weapon. This article will explain the different types of weapons and which ones are best.

All weapons come in different materials. They come in bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, and dragon. Here are different types of combat weapons:

  • War Hammer These are not used much because they do not hit high and are slow. However they are good for wilderness if you are in a team. They have a high crush bonus and will help you crush armour faster and hit high on full armour. Other than that this weapon is very rarely used in runescape and is not something that you need for successful pking.

  • 2 handed sword You cannot wield a 2 handed sword until both your hands are free, which means that you cannot hold a shield to protect yourself. This is a major disadvantage of 2 handed sword. In addition they are even slow in hitting. However, 2 handed swords can provide that final blow to your opponent, because they hit really high, They are useful in wilderness and can help kill an opponent. If you are in a team rune 2 handed sword can hit high and kill the opponent before they can teleport.

  • Scimitar This is one of the most common and the fastest runescape weapons. Unlike a 2 handed sword and war hammer, scimitars are a must for wilderness. They are fast, light and extremely useful in combating. They are referred to as the king of combat weapons in runescape. Almost every player in the wilderness has a scimitar because it has a lot of advantages. It provides great strength, high hits and very fast! A team with scimitars can kill someone in an instant. Get a scimitar as soon as you have enough money.

  • Short sword- Again these are very rarely used in runescape. Short swords attack fast and they provide useful small hits. They are good for low levels as they hit almost every single time. They are good for attacking.

  • Long swords- Long swords are fast and are cheaper than scimitars. They come pretty close to scimitars in terms of advantages. If possible try to carry a long sword when you are in a team.

  • Battle axe This provides good strength and is commonly used in wilderness. It can hit higher than scimitar and is accurate as well. Battle axe is another common melee weapon which is very useful in hitting fast and accurately.

These are the most common combat weapons. A scimitar and a 2 handed sword should be good enough for a player, however in a team having a war hammer, battle axe and other forms of fighters is important.

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