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Like most people, when I started Runescape I was looking forward to making lots of money. Maybe it's something about me, but I know that lots and lots of people want a high level and lots of stuff. Lots of stuff means you need lots of cash, lots of levels means you need lots of cash - but most people think you need lots of high levels to make lots of cash. This is a never ending circle of annoyance to many players.

Well is not true.

Many of the runescape players say that after playing for years, and getting their levels up, there are many ways in which you can make money without having any level higher than 1. That means no combat level higher than 3.

I'm going to share with you one of the biggest secrets to Runescape cash. Merchanting. Merchanting is where you buy something cheap, and sell it for more. When I say cheap, I don't mean lower than the normal selling price, I mean the "low" part of the price range.

Don't shut this article straight away, because I am also going to tell you how you make the money you need to buy items in the first place. Just keep reading!

Look on the Runescape map, and find your way to lumbridge. If you're lost, find someone to tell you how to get there. You can start at the castle, and move across the bridge (towards Al Kharid gate) then continue up the road (past the cows), until you see a chicken farm. [If you are experienced you can probably find your way there easily]. All you have to do is kill chickens. Chickens mean feathers, and feathers sell for 5-10gp each! Why? Members need them to make arrows in archery. Feathers are the #1 option, because they stack (meaning they do not take up an inventory space each, they are on the same one like cash). If someone's buying 100 for 10gp each - make a quick sale! If someone's selling some for 3gp each - make a quick buy! Don't be scared to spend your cash, you ARE most likely going to make a lot more money in the end, as long as you don't buy feathers for more than 9-10gp each.

The best part about killing chickens is that they can give more than 1 feather at a time. Sometimes you can get 10 from just 1 chicken. If you are level 3, you might want to get higher defense, so you are not attacked later on (possibly by level 22 guards) when you are merchanting or traveling around, but this is not important.

Once you have a few hundred feathers, you can sell them. You need to try and make 10,000gp. Sounds a lot, but it's about 1000 feathers. You can get this in 1 day. You may think this is nothing like what I promised, but there are much better ways of making money from nothing in the guide.

So now you have your 10,000gp, head over to the Grand Exchange. Here you need to set the price to the minimum, and buy as much coal as possible with the cash you have. If there is none for sale at that price, then increase it a bit, or wait a while. When you spend all your money on it, try and sell it for as high as the Grand Exchange will let you go. Wait a bit, and if it doesn't sell then do the opposite of when you were buying (decrease the price a small bit at a time, until you get a sale).

You will make a lot of runescape money with this, and need to repeat the process until you have about 100,000gp. This won't take as long as you think. From this method, I got from 10,000 to 700,000gp in 1 day (when I first opened a new level 3 account to test these methods).

Once you have about 100,000 - 500,000 gp, it will be easier and easier to make lots of money, as you can buy much more coal in 1 go. When you have around 1,000,000gp, CONGRATULATIONS! You are rich!

But you can get even richer. If you don't consider that to be rich, then maybe you should try out the RSRICHES get rich guide and get the extra tips on making 10,000,000gp. The 62 page guide shows you EXACTLY how to get from 0-100,000gp in 1 hour, yes, 1 hour! If you don't like the feather method, or the 100,000gp in 1 hour method, then there's also a third 1 included. There are also tonnes more methods if you don't like merchanting, and they have all been proved to work!

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