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This guide will show you how to make a range pure in Runescape, the easy, fast, and strong way.First,you will need a whole lot of patience, a whole lot of perseverance, and finally, a mega load of wanting to kill some players!To start off, this account is going to be a 70 range pure with good Defense and Hitpoint stats to make up for the lack of defensive armor and get a fast kill.

The main purpose of this account is to kill players and make a lot of runescape money in the process, the way the players will be killed is using a Magic shortbow to attack with the special attack two times in one turn because the special attack attacks fast enough that it will hit right as clicked and hopefully kill the opponent quickly, only use the special attack when the player is at low health.

To start training you will first get some money for food, armor, and a weapon, as well as potions eventually. To get money, start by killing cows and collecting their hides, bones, and meat, all worth 70-100 coins a piece, this also helps you train your range; you may need to cook the meat to survive the cows deadly blows.

Bank all of the materials in the Lumbridge bank and do this again, about 40 inventories should make you 100k. Once you have this kind of runescape gold, you should equip yourself with a full set of iron armor and black dragon hide, eventually an Ava's accumulator, climbing boots, and the Magic Shortbow you can afford. Eventually you will get up to 50 range and then you will just train it to 70 at 40 strength.

Once you have 40 defense, 70 range, 1 defense, and your equipment, you are ready to player kill, or PK. You should have gotten the levels by training on Rock Crabs in Relleka and you should also always PK using the rapid style to hit faster and train fast too.

The Northern Barbarian Village of Runescape is where Relleka is. Once you are ready, then buy Range and Super defense potions as well as sharks and teleport tabs to get away in a jiffy or quick notice situation. These should be all the tips you need in order to be an awesome PKer in the game of Runescape.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope this helped you in your quest to make an awesome PKing pure for some Runescape ownage and mega super awesomeness.

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