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How to make money when you are an f2p:

1-) If you are from level 5-10 well try to kill chickens when you kill them take their feathers, if you play 2 hours collecting feathers you my reach to 10k feathers but it depends on your combat. 10k feathers equal to 100k

2-) If you are from level 20-30 you can go and fight the wizard near varrock well there are two levels 1 in level 7 andd the other is on level 20, wizard drop very expensive stuff like nature rune, law rune, if you pplay for 2 hour you will gain about 150k

3-) If you are from level 30-50 you can kill hill gaints, hill gaints are level 28 they drop diamond, ruby, limpurt roots, and sapphire.

5-) LIMPURT ROOTS!, you have to have level 20 dung to enter the mysterious door and start collecting limpurt roots that respwans.

6-) If your level 70 and above you can fight cocs in the strong hold they are level 83 they drop good stuff like diamonds, sapphire, ruby, mithril ore(3) ,adamant ore (1), rune scim, rune sq sheild. cocs are the 3 best f2p monster to kill.

7-) you can kill lesser demons that drop rune med helm

8-) you can kill greater demons that drop rune full helm

P.S: you should have good food with you if you want to fight cocs, lesser demons, and greater demon.


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