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Want to increase your magic level fast? Well then, pack your runes, and let's get going.

Magic is one of the most powerful combat types in Runescape, with attacks that deal high damage, as well as the ability to cast secondary non-combat spells that aid profitability, such as High Alchemy. However, Magic is quite expensive, as higher level spells go for about 500 gp a pop. With this in mind, I recommend that you have at least an air staff, and a fire staff as well if you plan to cast high alchemy en masse. For combat spells, the most cost effective is to use the air staff, however. Air runes are required for every combat spell, and cost about 15 gp each, so using an air staff with Fire Blast saves you 60 rs gold each cast.

Using a water staff with the debuff (curse, confuse, weaken) spells will also save you quite a bit of money as well, and if you are p2p, a very cost effective way of training is to simply use a mud staff, which supplies both water and earth runes for spells, and to buy only body runes and cast curse. At 8 gp a pop, you get 29 experience, making for quick and cheap training.

The only spellbook available to f2p players is the Modern Magic spellbook. Modern magic has many subsets: enchantment, teleportation, offensive spells, defensive spells, alchemy, binding, and transformation. Transformation and defensive spells are irrelevant for f2p players.

Alright, as we've already explained, magic is quite expensive to train, and in the process of training to about 60 Magic, you will use up about 300k of runes. We will be using a method found by me to be efficient, and quite cost effective when getting to the higher levels.

Levels 1-3: Wind Strike

Base xp per cast: 5.5
Runes required: 1 air, 1 mind.Cost per cast: 25 gp, 10 gp with air staff

Wind Strike is the only spell you can cast at Magic Level 1, so that's what we have to start with. Basically all we want to do with this is get to level 3 so we can use confuse.

Levels 3-11: Confuse

Base xp per cast: 13
Runes required: 3 water, 2 earth, 1 bodyCost per cast: 75 gp, 30 gp with water staff.

While slightly more expensive than simply continuing along the chain of strike spells, Confuse gives you quite a bit more xp, making it worth it. Once we get to level 11, we can simply go along to the next debuff spell, which is weaken.

Levels 11-19: Weaken

Base xp per cast: 20.5
Runes required: 3 water, 2 earth, 1 bodyCost per cast: 75 gp, 30 gp with water staff.

Here we go, just another debuff spell. Costs the same to use as confuse, but yields more experience. Just keep casting along here, until we get to yet another debuff spell, curse.

Levels 19-35: Curse

Base xp per cast: 29
Runes required: 2 water, 3 earth, 1 bodyCost per cast: 70 gp, 40 gp with water staff or earth staff.

Yes, another debuff spell. But they are quite good experience up to a certain point. At which point, we will finally stop using debuff spells, and start using fire bolt.

Levels 35-39: Fire Bolt - Max hit 12

Base xp per cast: 22.5 + 0-48
Runes required: 4 fire, 3 air, 1 chaosCost per cast: 200 gp, 160 with air staff.

Fire bolt is the very minimal spell that you should attain before even considering pking, and only if you are a very low level. This is sufficient for people around level 20-30. It shouldn't take too long to get to level 39, provided that you already have the runes required.

Levels 39-55: Crumble Undead- Max hit 15

Base xp per cast: 24.5 + 0-60
Runes required: 2 earth, 2 air, 1 chaosCost per cast: 175, 145 with air staff

Crumble undead, is undoubtedly the fastest way to train until level 55. It hits undead creatures hard, and hits high often, meaning that you can sometimes pull off even better experience than blast spells. One of the best places to train with crumble undead is in the varrock sewers. Once you get here, the road to level 55 is quite fast.

Levels 55+: High Alchemy

Base xp per cast: 65
Runes required: 5 fire, 1 natureCost per cast: 340 gp, 300 with fire staff

High alchemy is the only real cost effective method to training magic past this point. Simply withdraw a large amount of a single item as a note, and place that in your 17th inventory slot. Then click on your spell list and select High Alchemy spell, once you click on it, it will automatically bring you to your inventory. Having put your notes in the 17th slot already, you do not need to move your mouse anymore. runescape money Happy training!

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