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This are money making tips for Runescape.

For anyone who plays runescape (RS) heres some money making tips.

Money making tips- If you’re a member get your crafting really high and make ruby or diamond amulets. Then get your magic lvl really high to enchant them to make strength amulets (from ruby amulets) or power amulets (from diamond amulets). Sell them to non-members because they can’t enchant and sell the 4 5-10k each. You’ll make a big profit if you do this.

If you want a lot of money (gp) and your not a high lvl at most skills here a good money making tip. First get all the money you have and buy cooked lobs for about 45gp each at the store spend all your money to get a lot of lobs. Then you note all of them and go to a world with a lot of players. Sell them all for about 200gp each keep doing this and you’ll be rich.

This is another way to make runescape money without having high leveled skills. First complete the Rune Mysteries quest to be able to rune craft. Then get 4k rune essence or more and sell them for 90gp each. This will get you money and mining experience.

If you’re high leveled in combat go kill moss giants you will get big bones which you should store in your bank. They also drop good items like gems which you should make into rings and sell. You can also get runes and weapons and armor which you can also sell. You can get your combat level up and also get some cash. If you want you can also kill ice giants and hill giants they have big bones and drop good items too.

Go to Port Sarim and take good range, mage, or melee armor. Go to the entrance of Port Sarim and go east if your facing Port Sarim. You will find earth, air, water, and fire, wizards here. Kill them to get runes and talismans sell the runes to the rune shop close by and sell the talismans to player for 500gp each.

Go to Port Sarim’s jewelry shop and buy a lot of jewelry of what ever kind they have most of. Then go to another world and sell them if they don’t have a lot there. Keep doing this to get a ton of cash. But this may take a while so you might have to keep trying.

Go to Al-Kharid and go to the gem shop and buy a lot of uncut gems. Cut them and make them into amulets. Sell them all to get a lot of money or enchant them to make more runescape gold.

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