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A guide on how to best spend your money for the different skills.

There are tons of money making and merchanting guides out there, so I thought I would publish one guide for f2p (free to play=non members) that is about spending the money in a good way. This guide should be about how you can use your money to get your skills up.

Let's Start

Different skills take different amount of runescape gold to level. For example, for mining you just need to buy a pickaxe to start training it, but if you should train magic, you need to buy a lot of runes.

I will cover each skill with one little text, so just check the text about the skill you're going to train, and some helpful advices will stand there about how you should use your money when you want to raise the level in that skill.

The combat skills

The combat skills takes a lot of money to train. You need armor, weapons, amulets and food. Armour and weapons is recommended to buy at Varrock west bank in a low number world. Same thing with the food and everything else you might need as amulets.


The big range marketplace is in Lowe's ranging shop in Varrock in world 1. Here you can buy dragon hide armor, arrows from bronze to adamant and pretty much everything you need for ranging.


First of all: Prayer is an expensive skill to “buy” in F2P. I don't recommend people who don't got more than 1M gp to try buying bones for leveling prayer.

Ok, now that you know that: The best place to buy bones is Varrock west bank in world 1. Many people here sell big bones, which give you a lot of prayer XP for each bone you bury.


Magic is actually very easy to spend runescape gold in. You just buy runes, runes, runes and runes. Runes is easiest bought at Varrock west bank, at the main level, at the little stair going down to the basement. Here you can buy almost every sort of rune that exists.

At the same place you can also buy staffs and mage outfits.


The only things you need for runecrafting is rune essences and talismans or tiaras. Rune essences could be bought at Varrock east bank in any of the low number f2p worlds. Talismans and tiaras could be bought at any bank in almost any world.


Crafting: The most expensive skill to “buy” of them all, If you want to level in it fast and without doing very much work. If you are above level 65 in crafting, and want to level this skill more, it could get very expensive. But now I will give you a few advices. First off: gold bars. They are good crafting materials, cause from them you could make many different types of jewelery. Gold bars could be bought at Falador east bank in World 1. In Falador east bank in world 1 you can also find people who sell gems, both uncuts and cuts.

The tools you need for crafting could be found in the crafting shop in Al-Kharid.


For mining you need a pickaxe. This is easiest obtain in the pickaxe shop, which lies in the dwarf mines. If you go down through the ice mountain entrance, keep going forward. Take the first path to the right, and go forward until you can't come any further. Right-click the dwarf here, and chose “trade”. He will have pickaxes for sale.


The absolute best place for all your smithing needs is Falador east bank. If you want to buy ores or bars, this is the place you should head for. I would recommend world 1 if you're going to buy big bulks of ores/bars, but if you just want 500 or so, you can but the ores/bars in almost any world at Falador east bank.


Where to buy raw food depends on your cooking level, and also on what you want to cook. But generally, I would recommend the following places: Varrock west bank, Falador banks and the Draynor bank.


I don't need to say where you get a tinderbox, do I?

But logs you can obtain in two places; Varrock west bank in any of the worlds, or Draynor bank in any of the low number f2p worlds.


Well, everything you can buy here is an axe. Axes you can buy from other players almost in every city, or make your own if your smithing level is high enough. Also, for prices on the items in Runescape, you can check this website.

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