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Step 1 To Making Money In Runescape: High Alchemy

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Welcome to my free runescape money money making tip 1.

If you're going to use the high alchemy spell you need a minimum magic level of 55. You need to decide which of the items below you can make the quickest. If you have high mining and smithing, you can make steel platemail or if you have high fletching you can make yew or magic bows, if you have similar levels of each, well then make whichever one you like : )

Magic Longbow = 1,536 gold pieces

Steel Platemail = 1,200 gold pieces

Magic Shortbow = 960 gold pieces

Yew Longbow = 768 gold pieces

Yew Shortbow = 480 gold pieces


Buy each bit of coal for 100 gold pieces each

Mine half the amount of iron as you have coal

Smelt all of the ores into steel bars, then smith them into steel platemail

Buy (or use your RuneCrafting skill) to get a large amount of nature runes

Then use high alchemy of the platemail to make money, and if you want to, repeat to gain levels in smithing


Pick some flax in the Gnome Stronghold, then spin them on a spinning wheel to make bowstrings

Make the best bow that you can and then put then string on the bow.

Use high alchemy on the bows to make money, and then buy more bowstrings with the money you've made.

Wash rinse repeat : )

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